"There will be times that you will laugh until you cry.

There will be times you will cry as

though your heart is breaking.

You will fall in love with entire communities

and develop bonds with new people, that you

never expected could impact you so

profoundly in such a short time."






Community-Build community within the ministry, beyond the internship program, with the opportunity to participate in small group.


Outreach-Be a part of changing the lives of others here in Ecuador through serving in a variety of ministry activities.


Mentorship-Discover and enhance your gifts and talents and push past your comfort zone through one-on-one development with Pastor Ricardo and Peri.




Mission Operations-Take ownership of tasks and gain confidence in your leadership.  Develop strategies and habits for administrative tasks related to missionary work, to include budgeting, fundraising, marketing, social media management, and promotions.


Spiritual Immersion-Remove distractions, and grow closer to God as you engage in a 24/7 complete immersion in biblical principles and fellowship with others.


Recreational-Connect in profound and healthy ways with others and with God, as you experience not only physically challenging service activities, but also a variety of regional recreational activities.





Teachings with Missionaries/Pastors-Learn directly from the lead missionaries and Pastors, as well as partner ministry leaders on a variety of topics that will stretch, grow, and equip you to succeed, not simply in your calling, but also in life.


Bible Study-Develop intentional time with God in the midst of a busy schedule by participating in and learning to lead daily Bible studies.


Culture Teachings-Engage in specialized cultural teachings, sermons, and internal ministry team and volunteer teachings from Pastor Ricardo and Peri. Experience 6-weeks Spanish language immersion.