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 Programs Begin Spring of 2021

Applications Will Be Accepted

Starting December 2020

Do you sense a calling on your life to Evangelism,

Ministry Planting, Missions, or Pastoral Service?


Are you seeking the means to a practical application

of the Gospel in everyday life?


Are you ready for a life changing adventure?


Are you willing to step outside (way out) of your box?


Are you seeking deeper relationships in your

faith and fellowship family?


Do you have a feeling that you can make a difference?

If your answer is yes to any of these...


Then you will want to join us for a one-of-a kind

immersion training program!


The "SEND ME" Program is designed to assist and encourage you to seek and develop your individual calling and talents, and then walk with you through the process of fleshing out God's plan for your life.


There are two tracks of study with the duration of each

diploma program being two-years. 

An Intern can pursue one track at a time, or both together.


Both the "Pastoral Track" and the "Missionary Track" provide

a  first year of intensive classroom training and personal mentor-ship while actively serving in the local ministries of "Lighthouse" in

the surrounding communities.

The second year provides ongoing personal mentor-ship and

hands-on training in up to three different countries within the international ministries of Mountain of Light, Inc.

according to an individual's calling.


1. We have personally been in the mission field, planting new ministry locations and training pastors and leaders for over

10 years in various countries and cultures.

2. The calling on this ministry is to raise up Pastors, Missionaries, Teachers, and Leaders within the body of Christ and send them out to share the simple practical Gospel with a hurting and broken world.

3. We believe that when a person has a call to serve the Lord, it is a precious and consuming fire that deserves focus and reverence. 

When that calling is disturbed by the overwhelming and burdensome task of never-ending fundraising, then frustration, anxiety, and insecurity become powerful distractions to the spiritual assignment. 


We believe that a sending organization as a body, should be the one to provide the basic needs of the Missionary or Pastor, to alleviate the circumstance of continuous "beggar status" that is common.   


Therefore, beginning the second year of program, all interns will begin to receive monthly support, adjusted to their particular course of ministry within the international locations of Mountain of Light.  This support will be generated by the body of believers at Lighthouse, and financial partners of the ministry, where the FOCUS is missions, and will continue as long as the graduate remains in service with us.

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