Pastors Ricardo & Peri Pardo


Pastor Ricardo was originally born & raised in Cuba, moving to the States to become a US citizen when he was 20 years old. He has lived in Miami and then North Carolina, from where God led him and his wife Pastor Peri, to the decision that they devote their lives to serving as full time missionaries, following the call of God’s will on their lives. They have a blended family of 13 children, and 18 grandchildren (so far). He has traveled internationally, devoting himself to heeding the Lord’s call upon his life. Peri’s family is originally from West Virginia, and she has lived in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina. Together, they have traveled on multiple mission trips with the Samaritan’s Purse International Organization. They lived in eastern Kentucky, where they served the Lord for 2 1/2  years, creating and running a non-denominational community equestrian youth ministry. They spent a year in Pennsylvania, working at a Christian summer youth ranch, while volunteering ministry to their community in a variety of ways. Ricardo was the Lead Pastor of Hispanic church services, while Peri served as Board President of a local Pregnancy Resource Center, as well as coaching and mentoring a Christian Drama Team ministry. They have both been around horses most of their childhoods, and Ricardo continued pursuing that passion throughout most of his adulthood as well. They have seen first hand in a ministry setting, in their early years, the power of using horses as tools to connect with others in relationships, providing opportunities not only to build self esteem and confidence, but also to introduce and share the Gospel.  They have since been open to the Spirit and are very creative in finding unique and powerful ways to connect with people for Kingdom purposes.   Ricardo & Peri are committed to building relationships and ongoing mentoring and discipleship of young people and adults in their Christian walk. They have an all consuming passion for the Lord, HIS work, and HIS people.  They are excited and blessed to be a part of the exciting ministry of Mountain of Light, Inc. (La Montaña de Luz)